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The Blue Bloods Guide to Family Dinners

The Blue Bloods Guide to Family Dinners

The fall season is great for many reasons, including the return of many of our favorite network TV shows.  Do you remember a time when the only way we got to experience "prime-time" television was in real time, during the hours of 8PM-11PM?  Yeah, remember? Before Netflix, and Amazon, Hulu and Roku, we had to make an effort to be in front of the TV at the time the show aired. We couldn't pull up the program on our DVR or stream it to our smartphone when it was convenient for us. And yes, we were forced to sit through commercials! 

It's true, our viewing habits today may be different than they were ten or even five years ago and there are more programming choices than ever, but there's nothing like the anticipation of waiting all summer for the return of your favorite show. We gather with family and friends (even if they are just "friends" on social media) to laugh, cry, and curse each week’s storylines.

We all have a few shows we can't live without, right?  Maybe it's a guilty pleasure show, (Kudos if you got your spouse to watch with you; extra kudos if you secretly know they enjoy watching.) a silly comedy, political or fantasy drama.  For us, one of our favorite, can't-live-without shows is CBS's Blue Bloods.  Blue Bloods isn’t a new show; it's been airing in the 10PM Friday night time slot on CBS since 2010. My mom turned us on to the show a few years ago, we caught up on the early seasons on Netflix, and now we’re eagerly anticipating the start of it’s 9th season tonight.

With an ensemble cast including Tom Selleck, Donnie Walhberg, and Bridget Monynahan, controversial real-world topics written into each episode, and a focus on the family unit, there’s so much to love about this police drama.  Obviously, we love that no matter what is occurring in the world of the NYPD-driven Reagan clan, they religiously gather together for Sunday dinner each week.

We started watching Blue Bloods long before we thought our business mission would be encouraging families to meet around the table again, so now it holds an even greater place in our hearts.  As we’ve talked about before, there is so much to gain from cooking a meal at home and sharing it with others around you. For our family, gathering together each night for dinner is a time for all of us to unwind and reconnect. Even when we're discussing the day's events, it's a time too slow down and also share in the sense of satisfication of creating something together. 

Michael Auslin at National Review analyzes the traditional Blue Bloods’ dinner scenes on a deeper level:

The dinner gatherings remind us not only that the family is the indispensable unit of society, but that it is the cradle of democracy and morals. It is where tradition is passed on, ideas are debated, and the young learn to be citizens. The Reagan family’s discussions range across legal theory, Church teachings, ethics, and social-science concepts… where the challenging and sometimes unanswerable questions of life and modern society are explored and debated.

Besides the return of our favorite shows, the Fall season is the perfect opportunity to create a new evening routine at home with your family. We hope you will consider making family meal time a priority  It doesn't have to be as lofty or dramatic as the Reagan's Sunday suppers...but meeting around the table and breaking bread together each day will be well worth the effort.

Continue to check back here for tips on getting your family around the table, events at the shop (Like our upcoming Make-Ahead Meal Planning event with Wildtree), or stop to pick up our favorite go-to tools for making evening dinners a breeze.  And don't forget to tune into Blue Bloods tonight at 10PM on CBS. Or if you're like us, DVR it so you can skip through commercials over the weekend!

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