Cocktail Muddler - Fishes & Loaves

Cocktail Muddler

$25.00 USD

Inspired by an old school nightstick, American Heirloom's cocktail muddle is sturdy, timeless, and perfect for muddling, mixing and smashing your way to a good cocktail.

This muddle is hand turned out of solid maple or walnut and reinforced with Corian, to ensure they hold up for years to come.



  • Sold in walnut or maple, with a solid surface tip on either end.
  • 8x1 inches.

Meet the Maker: American Heirloom

Husband and wife team, Amy Stringer-Mowat and Bill Mowat started American Heirloom in 2011 after fashioning their first trademark, state-shaped cutting boards for their wedding reception.  Their brand of home and design products is built on loyalty, integrity of design, and strength of function with a particular eye for quality of materials and craftsmanship.