Our Story

Every bite has a story…

Food rules in our home, but what we’ve come to learn over the past ten years is that great food includes more than ingredients.

It’s my favorite knife, used to cut, dice, and julienne fresh vegetables. A treasured French cast iron dutch oven that not only simmers a Sunday stew to perfection but looks beautiful displayed on the stove. The heirloom platter we serve everything from grilled chicken breasts to gluten free cupcakes on.  And my most favorite set of Belgian flax linen napkins, unironed and slightly rumpled, they bring the perfect balance of natural casualness and unpretentious sophistication (and get softer and more beautiful with each use!) to our nightly dinner table.  Most importantly, great food and preparing wholesome, thoughtful meals is the catalyst for creating great memories and healthy lifestyles with family and friends that will last a lifetime.  

There is so much to be gained from cooking a meal at home and sharing it with others around you. 

In the past decade, we’ve met together in the kitchen almost every night to unwind, create, and share a bountiful meal. 

Each night, we take pleasure in cooking and the company.  Sometimes it’s passionate, sometimes it’s silly, and most nights it’s just catching up on activities of the day; regardless of what's going on in our world, it’s always an opportunity to slow down and share in the sense of satisfaction of creating something together. 

Not only has the simple act of preparing and breaking bread together been a great way to connect after a hectic day and grow as husband and wife, but our nightly culinary rendezvous have been the inspiration for this venture.   

We believe life’s too short for secondary eating – eating while doing something else (driving, watching television, etc.) We are passionate about getting families back in the kitchen and around the dinner table, about helping couples grow together, setting examples for their children, and making their homes beautiful and inviting.

Every bite has a story….we can’t wait to help craft yours!

~ Jennifer and Nathan Korinchak