Feels Like Fall Sale

With the Autumnal Equinox this past weekend, the fall season is officially upon us!  Here in the Carolinas, it's likely to feel like summer well into late October.  This photograph of Lake Norman taken by my husband at sunset perfectly captures my feelings evoked by the change of seasons in our area.  As the earth tilts ever so slightly away from the sun with each passing day, the sky appears bluer and rays of slanted light bathe the water and landscape in hues of golds and flax.    

Here in the shop, we've sourced a variety of goods in this color palette and they're all on sale this week.  Stock up on our beautiful white and cream Farmhouse Pottery pieces, classic bakeware, a cozy pillow or versatile jute basket, and Autumn outdoor essentials like coolers and gardening tools. 

Use code "FeelsLikeFall" at checkout, Monday September 24 through Saturday September 29, 2018.